Remix Discontinued for Resources Created in Open Author 1.0

Starting May 2024, ISKME will discontinue the remix option for resources created in Open Author 1.0

Soon, you may notice that the Remix button is missing from all Open Author 1.0 resources. Since discontinuing the ability to create new Open Author 1.0 resources in 2021, our Open Author 2.0 tool has become the default way to create and share OER with our community. As we look towards the future release of Open Author 3.0, we’ve made the decision to discontinue support for editing and remixing Open Author 1.0 resources.  Functionality for Open Author 2.0 resources will remain unchanged, so users will still be able to remix Open Author 2.0 resources.

*Please note: While we are removing the ability to Remix and Edit Open Author 1.0 resources, we are not deleting those resources. You will retain access to any Open Author 1.0 materials you have created or are currently using. 

If you would like to Remix or Update an Open Author 1.0 resource, here’s how:

  • Export the resource to Google Docs 

  • Re-import to an Open Author 2.0 resource

  • You can then add a link and attribution to the original Open Author 1.0 resource in the description or body of the new Open Author 2.0 resource.

  • As a reminder about how to license remixes based on the original license, and here a link to our Usage Rights Help Article.

See an example of an Open Author 1.0 Resource that’s been updated  to Open Author 2.0 below:

Permissions Guide for Educators in  Open Author 1.0

Permissions Guide for Educators  in Open Author 2.0

Please contact if you have any questions.