CK Editor Update

We've updated the WYSIWYG Editors used across the platform, specifically in the Objective Builder, Group Discussions, and Hub Settings panels. Updates in this release include:

  •  New Accessibility Checker feature - this is a plugin that evaluates the editor content for compliance with accessibility low vision standards. Like a spellchecker it identifies and reports instances where content lacks proper color contrast, font size, and proper Alt Text  for the user to review and change.

  • Improved table formatting options - the table formatting options have been expanded to include editing the color and size of table cells. Users will be able to right click into the table and edit cells, formatting the table’s appearance to do indicate important rows or columns, create headers, or make the table easier to read at a glance.



  • Drag and drop functionality added - users are now able to drag and drop media into an editor field to insert content.

  • MS Excel support - users are now able to paste in Excel tables into the editor, which will convert the table into an HTML table.

  • New Math Equation Editor - TeX math editor plugin has been added, which will allow users to type in equations using familiar syntax to most calculators to produce mathematical expressions.


  • Update to CKEditor 4 - a newer version of one of the most popular WYSIWYG editing applications.

  • Removal of the fullscreen function - testing with users have shown that this was a confusing interaction. Instead we will be making the text editor region larger by default, and the editor is still expandable as well.
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