The OhioLink OER LTI Tool is currently incompatible with Safari. We recommend using the LTI with Chrome or Firefox while we work to fix this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

LTI Configuration:

Canvas Config URL:

LTI Key/Secret: Contact the OhioLink OER Help Center to obtain your key/secret 

Getting Set up in Canvas

Get Your LTI Credentials 

Contact the OhioLink OER Help Center for your LTI Credentials 

If you would like to configure access to a specific OhioLink Group you have created, please specify that in your email.   

Installing and Configuring the App in Canvas

  1. Navigate to the "Apps" section on your Canvas Course

  2. Click "View App Configurations" 

  1. Click the big blue +App button  

  1. Select “By URL” from the Configuration Type Dropdown

  1. Enter a Name, and the Key and Secret you obtained from the OhioLink OER Help Center

  1. Paste the following URL into the  Config URL input box and click Submit: