The #OhioLINK Learning Tool Integration (LTI) is presented seamlessly within your learning management system (LMS), where you are able to browse and search for resources from your Hub, Group(s), or folders. You can integrate the #OhioLINK LTI in your LMS.

The #OhioLINK LTI Tool Provider conforms to the IMS LTI 1.1 Standard. The implementation guide developed by IMS provides you with specifications for tools and content to be integrated into your LMS.

#OhioLINK LTI integrations are currently available in the following LMSs

  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
  • Canvas
  • OpenEdx
  • Schoology 

If you need a custom LTI integration please contact us. See also: Setting up LTI Integration

Required Parameters

The following parameters must be present in LTI launch request:

  • resource_link_id
  • tool_consumer_instance_guid

If the launch_presentation_return_url parameter is present it will be used to redirect a user when a resource is selected in the picker interface. Otherwise, the user is redirected to resource LTI page.

The #OhioLINK LTI tool does not read custom parameters at this time. If the naming conventions for your basic LTI parameters do not conform exactly to the IMS specification, our LTI tool will not be able to read them.  

Mixed Content

Many of the #OhioLINK activity pages which come from external providers are served in http instead of https. There is nothing we can do about this. This causes mixed content errors in most Learning Management Systems. Workarounds for this are available in Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a simple work around for updated versions of Safari.