You can align resources found on #OhioLINK to education standards. When you align a resource to Standards, you not only help others to find resources that will meet specific standards but also increase the value of the resource for future users.

Some standards are openly accessible and can be applied to resources by all users on #OhioLINK. Others are available through special permission. If you need access to standards that are guarded by permission, please contact us.

Add a standards tag 

  1. Login to #OhioLINK.
  2. Select the resource you would like to align to an education standard.
  3. Click the Align link from the snapshot view of the resource.
  4. Select from the Education Standard drop down menu one of the three standards, and continue to select from the list of drop-down menus provided.
  5. You will see a preview of your selected tag. Click the Add Selected Tag button to post this tag to the resource.
  6. You may continue adding additional education standards as required by clicking on the Align link.